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Where you live determines which test you will take. In the past, the GED® Test was the only option. Now there are three alternatives: GED® Test, HiSET® Exam, and TASC Test. Click on your state below to find out which test is offered. 

Can You Take the Tests Online?

Can You Take the Tests Online?

NO!  In order to take any high school equivalency test (GED test, HiSET Exam or TASC Test), you must go to an official testing center to take the test. The tests can be taken on a computer, but you cannot take the test online from your home. Be wary of websites that claim to give GED credenital, TASC or HiSET certificates or high school diplomas online - they are online GED credential scams and illegal in most states.  

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How to Pass the Test!

How to Pass the Test!

Preparing to pass any high school equivalency test is easier than you think. Even if it’s been years since you were in school, passing the test can be fast and easy when you focus on the exact things you need to know. This is where Essential Education’s GED Academy, HiSET Academy, and TASC Academy excel. With built-in practice tests our Academies figure out exactly what you need to learn and then recommend the perfect lessons for you, one at a time.  

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Canadian Provinces & U.S. Territories Testing

The GED test is administered throughout Canada. Each province has a GED test center administrator responsible for the GED test in that area. The GED test in Canada is similar to the U.S. version but includes specific Canadian history and civics. The GED test also given in U.S. Territories. Click on the name of the territory to learn about requirements, cost, and policies.  

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