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Study for the GED® Test in Minnesota

Getting your GED credentials in Minnesota requires you to take and pass the GED test. You can find GED classes that can help you study, but why study in a classroom when you can study anytime, anywhere and on any device online!


Use an Online Study Program

There are three reasons why an online study program speeds up preparation for the tests. 

  1. Flexibility. Online studying can fit into your schedule and lifestyle. 
  2. Control. You can study at your own pace instead of what the classroom dictates. 
  3. Speed. You learn faster and retain more because Essential Education Academies customize the study to exactly what you need to know.  

Enrolment in The College of Essential Education prepares you for passing the GED test with GED Academy. It also includes and prepares you for getting a job, obtaining financial freedom and teaches you computer skills demanded by the 21st century job market. The best part… it’s affordable. Let’s get started!

GED Test Eligibility in Minnesota

You don’t have to be a resident to take the GED test in Minnesota, but you must be at least 19 years old. You can check with your local GED testing center to make sure of other requirements, but below is a list of facts you’ll need to know.

  • You cannot be enrolled in an accredited high school or be a high school graduate.
  • Cost: $30 (per subject) or $120 (all subjects)
  • Passing Score: 145 (minimum) in each subject
  • Accommodations: You must apply for disability accommodations through the GED® Testing Service page. 

The State of Minnesota will award you a GED certificate after you pass the test. It will show you have achieved the same level of knowledge as a high school graduate. 

Are You Ready to Pass the Test?

The official GED test in Minnesota covers four subjects and you’ll want to know which areas you need to focus on so you can pass fast. By taking a free practice test first, you can find out which areas you need to master. Then studying is easy, fun and affordable when you’re ready to enroll in an online study program like GED Academy. Locate an official GED Test Center in Minnesota once you’re ready to test. 



That’s how many have successfully passed the GED test. So why wait?