How to Get Your GED®

6 easy steps along with useful resources to help you earn your GED diploma quickly and easily.

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Step 1

Understand the GED Test

The first step in getting your GED credential is understanding what it is and what it will do for you. The GED is an alternative to a traditional high school diploma. Earning it will change your life. You’ll be able to get a better job, attend college, or even join the military. 

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Step 2

Decide Which Test to Take

Where you live determines which test you will take. There are two alternatives: the GED test and the HiSET® exam. See our GED requirements by state page to learn which test is offered in your area, where you’ll test, fees, rules and answers to common questions. 

Find Your Test

Step 3

Get To Know the Test

Next, learn what’s on the test. Do you know what types of questions will be asked? What score you need to pass? The following videos will help you see what’s on the test and what to expect on test day. Then, answer sample questions to get an idea of what to study.
Get to Know the GED
Get to Know the HiSET
See GED Sample Questions
See HiSET Sample Questions

Step 4

Study for the Test

Knowing what to study is key to passing quickly. There are many GED study materials available to get you started. Low-cost online prep programs like GED Academy help you learn what skills you need and create a customized plan to make learning fast and easy. 
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Step 5

Find Out If You’re Ready

After you’ve studied, completed lessons, and maybe even attended GED webinars or classes, you’ll need to determine if you’re ready to take the actual test. The webinar “Are You Ready to Test” will help you check your readiness and give you a boost to pass on test day.

Watch “Are You Ready to Test?”

Step 6

Schedule Your Test

Once you’re ready, you will schedule your test and take it through an official testing center specific to your state. Use the link below to find a testing center close to you or learn more about at-home testing options. Pick your state and explore testing centers.

Locate a Testing Center

Common Questions About Getting a GED

What’s the difference between monthly and lifetime access?

Monthly is a subscription in which you’ll pay a fee each month until you cancel. Lifetime is an easy one-time payment that will grant you access for life. Monthly is recommended for students who plan to complete the program within a couple of months. If you’d prefer to take your time, a lifetime plan is best.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! We'll refund any payment within 7 days if requested, no questions asked.

Can I change my plan later on?

Yes, of course! You can upgrade or change your plan at any time. Not sure which one to choose? Try our $19/month plan and upgrade later if more resources are needed.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time, no strings attached. Easily cancel from within your account or contact us directly.

How does an Essential Education subscription work?

You pay a set amount each month in exchange for full access to our study program. Use it as much as you want, and then cancel when you're finished. It’s that simple.

What is the difference between your 2 test prep programs?

Both programs help you prepare for a high school equivalency test. The GED & HiSET Test Prep Plus Job Skills program also includes additional courses to help you build skills to find and keep a great new job as well as get ready for college entrance exams. The GED test and HiSET exam are very similar and assess the same basic skills. Where you live determines which test you should take to earn your high school equivalency diploma. Find out more about your test here.

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