How to Get a HiSET® in Indiana

Study for the Indiana HiSET online without having to attend class!

Indiana HiSET Requirements

  • Resident: You must have lived in Indiana for 30 days.
  • Age: You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Enrolled: You cannot be enrolled in an accredited high school or have graduated from an accredited high school in the US.
  • Cost: $115
  • Score: For HiSET you must score a minimum of 8 on each subject with a total cumulative score of 45 points and a minimum score of 2 on the writing essay.
  • Accommodations: For HiSET disability accommodations, fill out your HiSET Accommodations Request Form on HiSET website.
  • Diploma: After you pass the exams, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development will award you with the Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma.

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