I Gave Up Too Easily

I had two jobs about a year ago, and it took me forever to find them. The only reason I got the jobs was because my grandmother pulled some strings and got me hired. Both my bosses said to me “Remy you are a good worker and we love having you, but since you don’t have a degree or a GED certificate, we would not have hired you. We would have trashed your application.” I realized that I needed to get my GED, and I needed it badly.

No one really helped me. I mean they told me how much I needed it, but once I started to get the ball rolling, I just kept going. If they did try to motivate me, I didn’t notice. I was hell bound for that GED diploma. The only problem I faced was my own laziness. Time after time I wanted to give up because I did not want to study or work, but after kicking my self over and over I got up and did the work needed to pass the GED test.

I really hope to get into college. I want to get a few degrees and become a video game designer. I want to get a job with Bethesda Studios and work on the next Elder Scrolls game as well as the next blockbusters to be made. This is my dream: that one day in the not too distant future I WILL make happen.


Remington from Michigan, GED Student


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