My Kids Inspired Me to Get My GED.

Well, a few years ago, I decided to go and get my GED. It was hard for me, I failed a couple of times in different areas of the test. I really wanted to give up. It seemed like the more I tried the more badly I did. Well, I kept struggling because of my kids, which are grown now. Didn’t want me to quit and give up. They encouraged me. My daughter and son bought me books to study, plus the books they gave me at the GED program.

Well, I got my GED in May and now I am enrolled in college. This is my 3rd semester. I thank everyone that encouraged me and the good instructors that helped me. I would’ve never made it without their support and help.

I just want to say without my children and instructors and family, I would’ve gave up and not succeeded. But I did and I am very happy for listening and not giving up hope. I did it.


Dorothy from New Mexico, GED Student