I Would Like to Be a Medical Doctor

I am a Medical Laboratory Technologist and Technician Student at the Polytechnic here in Accra, Ghana. I have really understood the basic unit of life is GED. This has really ensured me to understand the standardization of upgrading yourself even when you have completed the high school. I am a self-innovated person and dedicated to upgrading myself wherever I go, and I know with studying with GED Academy it will make me cacophonous in any other test academy in the world. I am proud to be a student of the GED Academy, and I will make sure all my colleagues in the polytechnics and universities here to do register with GED Academy to ensure a good diploma and achieve great things in the future. I will also thank Mr Leonard Williams for being my customer services in any difficulties I may have with my studies. Thank you to all administrators of GED Academy and once again thank you for enrolling me.

Reason for Leaving School: For me, I completed the high school and I got my high school diploma after completion. I am now at the Polytechnic as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and Technician.

Reason to Get a GED: I would like to get my GED to be able to upgrade on my Mathematics and Sciences as well, since those were my major subjects I read at school. I would like to be a medical doctor after my tertiary institution.

One Thing I Need for My Dreams: I think when I was nine years old, I used to play with my friends by dramatizing as a medical doctor. I used to put some rubber tubes in my ears as my stethoscope that I think I will one day read science at my High School Education. I will like to take this opportunity to thank GOD for bringing me far to this and I know I will continue to pray to become a medical doctor so as I can help cure the sick.

I thank Mr Leonard Williams and all the administrators of GED Academy in the United States. I will also thank Mr John McCormick, who is my uncle in the States, for also understanding me and helping me register with GED Academy. I thank him so much.


Eric from Ghana, GED Student


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