I Know I Can Do Anything!

I faced many situations in my life where a diploma was necessary: to get a better job or to start college. My family supported me all the way with motivation and discipline whenever I was studying for the exam. We all need a little bit of support for this.

I dropped out of high school when I was a junior in high school. my parents divorced when I was little. I was always moving back and forth, so it was hard for me to focus when what I was always thinking was to get used to new places all the time. The credits to graduate also vary from state to state. When I saw that I basically had the amount of credits that a freshman would have when I was preparing for senior year, I was very embarrassed. It discouraged me a lot. I was always the kid that will copy homework off of anyone. The one that was always behind.

For me to see that most of the stories about the GED test are from people that have overcome incredible situations, such as young pregnancy or any type of situation that would cause them to drop out school… Well, I always thought to myself, “what was my excuse?” Laziness? Lack of interest? All those types of reasons that are not an excuse to give up so easy. When I started to study for my GED test, maybe two years ago, I had to face a very hard fact: I was in an abusive relationship with a person who was so controlling. Even opening a book to study would cause a problem. So I couldnt concentrate.

I know I went through so many tests in my life to realize how important it is to be able to better myself—to support myself—and not to wait for anybody to pull me out of any hard situation that im in. Just remember that it does NOT matter what have we all been through. What matters is to overcome hard situations and better ourselves from them. Keep going. keep studying. If I can pass the GED test, I’m sure you can too.

Right now I’m focused on entering college and studying clinical psychology. There’s just such a great feeling of accomplishment that flows in me. I now know I can do anything!

What I needed more help with was definitely math. I felt like I always had excuses as to why I couldn’t understand or focus on things. However, at the end of the day, excuses really don’t matter. I learned that focusing on and loving myself can take me places.


Angie from New York, GED Student


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