Now I'm Happy and In College

What motivated you to get your GED degree? I enrolled into an online school. They claimed to be accredited but I knew something was wrong when I searched them on the internet, and they weren’t listed on any of the websites they said recognized them as “accredited.” At that second I was lost. Then my dad told me about a GED class and how he took it.

How have your friends and family helped you? My friends and family spoke about college and how fun it is or was, how it gets a person far in life, and how it can further an education. At that moment, I knew I wanted to go.

What problems have you faced? It took me a year to take the GED test. The first two times, I wasn’t taking the test serious and failed the math. But then the last time I was determined and took math classes. I came to my math class everyday and studied at home for hours. I also retook the reading section to get a higher score. In the end, I got great scores in math and in reading. I was so happy the day I passed and my family and friends threw me a party.

What do you hope to gain from getting your GED degree? I am enrolled in a community college now. Although I am still taking general education courses, I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I may or may not switch to being an English major though, because I love writing and reading.

Do you have more to your story? When I was in high school, I was always bullied. That was when I decided to leave and go to an online school. The online school was fake but I’m glad that I went for a GED diploma, because now I’m happy and in college. I’ve been studying and reading my textbooks everyday. I also participate in class a lot. So far I’m passing all of my classes. My tip is, if you are struggling in any subject, take GED classes. They help a lot! If I did it so can anyone else!


Victoria, GED Student


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