I'm Embarrassed to Go to GED School

I’m 50 years old and I’m really smart and a fast leaner. I’m embarrassed to go to GED school. No one knows I have no diploma. I know people I don’t trust a living soul to share this with. I can read extremely well, my spelling is fantastic and I have an awesome vocabulary for a person in my situation. Most people think I’m college educated based on how I carry myself.

The only problem I feel would hold me back or slow me down is my math. I only know basic math. Everything else I’m good at. I love science. Have you got any suggestions for a person like myself? I can contribute a lot to our world by helping people because this is one of my specialties. I feel awkward when people with degrees feel inferior of my presence.

I’m a very confident individual. I also wanted to say I have accomplished and sneaked my way through educational programs and jobs. Now at my age I would like to earn my degree and help people who never had a chance in education like me. When I was a kid, no one never helped me with my homework, nor did they care. Not one single family member attended my eighth grade graduation and not one person said congratulations.

Please give this note to a dean and let’s see who cares. I had a ton of grown up responsibility from age 10 through age 22 after my mom passed away. Everyone has a purpose in life. Unfortunately, I was ignored. So, how can I obtain math skills without the embarrassment, and what adult would take the time to teach another adult? Waiting to hear from one of your top professionals with an answer. I’d rather talk with an experienced person that cares.


Candace, GED Student


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