Keeping My Faith

My children motivate me to get my GED diploma. I have been trying for years, but taking care of my kids and being a single mom has stopped me from completing it. I am currently taking GED classes, and I'm also taking college courses to obtain my heath science degree. I'm doing all of this through dual enrollment.

In order for me to have all the advantages of a college student, I had to look into how to get my GED. I will be taking my first official test soon and I hope to pass. I am keeping my faith and will do my best. I need this. Good luck to all of you!!!!! I will get this; this is my time to shine!!

My friends inspire me by telling me I CAN DO IT. They believe in me. I need help with my math and my GED teacher is helping me. I want to obtain my health science degree and become a RN for nursing. I WILL NOT GIVE UP.


Lakeela, GED Student


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