Giving it Another Try

Life has become hard and living is a struggle nowadays. I dropped out of high school in 10th grade. Three years later I tried to get back to school for adults to get my diploma. But I was on and off. I only needed a few credits to go plus the exit exam, but I failed the exam, which lead me to give up. I tried to get a job, but most jobs required a HSD or GED. In that point I didn’t know how to get my GED. I later found out about community college which had open entry. I registered and completed one semester but didn’t pass it. I stopped going to college, to discover later on that can’t get financial aid nor graduate without HSD or GED. I then just backed off and told myself I need to start off from the right first step which going for my diploma again.

I went back to adult school for HSD to find out a week after about something called GED from a student I met in school. I learned from that student that I only needed to take five tests to get a GED which seems pretty awesome to me. The next day I talked to the principal about transferring to GED instead of HSD which will take me up to 2 years to earn my diploma. He asked what made me change my mind. I said that I wanted to give it a try. So I did.

I registered for GED classes for math and science which are the difficult subjects to me. I studied them for 2 months, and then I signed up for the tests. After I signed up and after being so excited and motivated, I discovered that November and December was the last chance to pass the test because of the new version of the GED test. And even if we only need one to pass, scores from 2002 version won’t count.

I was frustrated, but I didn’t give up and I did my best. But unfortunately I only passed 3 and failed math and science the 2 subjects I studied for the most. After that I just walked away and forgot about the GED. And now, here we go again. I’m going to give the GED another try and hopefully I pass it this time. Because I really need to move on with my life and career. Yesterday I heard someone said that previous scores are counted, it was big relief to me, because if it’s true, then I only need 2 tests to pass, but I’m not sure. So wish me luck...


Naomi, GED Student


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