My Goal is to Become a Police Officer

I have never done well in school. I mean, I’ve always got straight A’s, but I just don’t like a school setting. My parents are the ones who suggested that I get my GED. My older brother also got his and is doing very well. Of course there have been people who tell me to get a life, but their ridicule will not stand in my way.

I really want to become a police officer. Times are getting rough and I don’t want to just sit back and watch. I want to be involved.

I have bought several GED books that have quizzes and stuff in them, but I am always smarter and need more of a challenge. I am positive I will get my GED. I am 14 and I have to be 16 to get my GED. It is well worth the wait. In the meantime, I am at home bettering myself and my family. I have never felt so alive. The future is nerve-wrecking, but I am a strong girl.


GED Student