No Matter Your Age, a GED Will Help

I was 17 and wanted to join the Army in 1989 and go to college. My GED allowed me to do that and much more.

My probation counselors motived me as I was a trouble at-risk kid, assigned to a halfway house known as Youth Haven in Roanoke, Virginia.

My GED allowed me to serve 9 years in the Army, finish my Bachelors degree, Masters Degree and enroll in school for my Doctoral degree.

I am currently a school Principal at one of the largest youth confinement facilities in Texas. I help students earn their GEDs monthly. It is what helped me, so I feel in some ways I am returning the hope once given to me.

No matter your age, a GED will help you. It is not simply a replacement for a high school diploma, but a passport to chose your future. Education is a journey, not a destination. Be sure to enjoy the ride.


Travis from Texas, GED graduate


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