I Passed My GED!

Hello everybody at GED Academy,

I have passed the GED test and got an average score of 518 for my GED results. Your course has helped me a lot and I would never have passed the GED without this awesome GED prep.

I know that my score is not very high but I believe with that score, I can apply to 98% of 4-year institutions across the US. I just did that with two universities, and they welcomed my application with this score. I noticed that even for people who averaged 600 with a grand total score of 3000 or higher, their math score was very close with mine and same goes with science. So, they either earned higher scores in English or social studies.

I am proud that I got my GED and very happy with it, especially after I leaned that no one from my country has attempted that before!

Again, thank you very much and keep going, GED Academy!


Zaher, GED Student


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