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I’m very proud of myself to come this far. When I came to the United States I only had 7th grade of education, and English is not my first language. I didn’t graduate high school, because my parents were very poor, they couldn’t afford to send me to school. I was very embarrassed to tell my friends, that I don’t have a high school diploma. When I met my husband I didn’t tell him that I don’t have a high school diploma. When his family asked me what kind of education I had, I told them that I finished high school in my country. But every time I told them lies, I could see their faces reaction that they knew I was lying. But they didn’t have any proof that I didn’t graduate high school, so I just ignore the shame that I felt about myself. I thought to myself, “I’m not just an illiterate person, but I’m also a liar.” I'd only learned how to drop out of high school. 

My husband always pursued me to go to college and take the placement exam so I can enroll into college. Every time he mentioned education to me it made me upset, then I started an argument, so he would change the subject. How could I tell him that I had been lying to him, and then maybe he would think that all I was telling him was lies. He trusted me so much that I didn’t want to ruin it. I keep telling him that I’m stupid, and he would just waste the money if he will send me to college. My husband didn’t listen to me ; he kept telling me that I was smart. So one night I told him the real reason why I didn’t want to go to college, it was because I didn’t finish high school. I was surprised of his reaction, I expected him to call me a liar, but he just told me I just have to get my GED certificate. I felt a lot better after I told him my deepest secret.

I started going to GED classes twice a week. It was really hard for me to learn in the classroom because there were some people that were always talking and I couldn’t concentrate. Then one day I was on the internet searching about “The ways to study to pass the GED” and "how to get my GED." I found this website called I asked my husband to buy it for me. He said I have so many books, I can open up my own books store, but I told him this is different. There’s a virtual class room and I think it will really help me. I promised him that if he would buy it for me, I’ll study a lot. My husband bought it for me and it’s the best decision I ever tells you all about the techniques how to pass the GED, and it really helped. Within a few months, I took GED exam for the first time, and wouldn’t you believe it, I passed, I’m so thankful to, and I’m very proud of myself that I made it. Now, I’m in college I only have one week left of school, and I’m done with my first semester. I’m doing pretty well in college. I took four subject and I been getting A’s or B’s.

What motivated you to get your GED? I want to have more self esteem and a better opportunity in life.

How have your friends and family motivated, helped, or inspired you? They’re very helpful and supporting. They always told me that there’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it. Especially my husband, he was always there for me when I need some encouragement. My parents-in-law they were there, to help watch my kids, so I can study.

What problems have you faced? I think the problems that I faced, when I lost my faith, but my husband always there for me to give me encouragement.

What do you hope to achieve with your GED? Right now I’m in college. I want to help my family in the Philippines. I want to send my nieces and nephews to school. I want my family generation to be educated. When I get a good job, I can do all this things, send my family money so they can continue to go to school.


Anita, GED Student


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