Finally Beat the Math!

I knew I needed my GED since I came to America. I did get it, however; I took it about 5 times and kept failing because of the math. I kept going and going, but kept giving up every time I got the results back, and I didn’t pass. I took it again a few years later and failed the math again with same old low ugly score. I was so hurt that I called the testing company and asked one of the representatives if someone up there knew me because they kept on giving me the same ugly score in math! The lady of course laughed at me, and said girl are you crazy (yeah, I was in so much denial that it was messing with my mind). However, after getting fired from my job this last month, I knew I had to do something because with all the skills I had I was not earning the money I needed because I had no degree.

I was reading about people and their GED struggles, and came upon someone who mentioned the GED Academy and how they are good, and that “if he can pass, then anyone can pass.” So I decided to look GED Academy up on the web, and it was sounding really promising. The next day I called and spoke to Rob—who was very helpful by the way—and I signed up. I got started around early March, and I was doing every one of Leonard’s recommended lessons, and finding I was getting better and better each day. I was still very nervous with math, but I liked the fact that you could rewind and fast forward this program to your advantage. I filled out my GED Test application and requested two dates to take the test on. I got April 15 and 17. I went quietly. I didn’t mentioned it to anyone but God. I took this exam all by my lonesome just in case. If I failed again no one would know, and I wouldn’t feel hurt and disappointed again.

I came home from work on May 8th. I was telling myself it was around this time that I should receive my results. After checking the mail I saw the small envelope and started crying, because back in the day I knew that if you see a small envelope it meant that you failed and a big envelope meant that you passed, because that was your certificate. Anyway I came upstairs, opened it to see which subject I failed, and to my surprise there was this cute little GED certificate and I burst out crying, literally sobbing so loud you would have thought someone died. This was how happy and uplifted I was. Anyone who’s taken the GED test 5 or 6 times should know exactly how I felt. Especially with them changing it next January. I was more than happy that I passed. Finally!!! I scored the highest in writing and reading. I barely passed math, but who cares? I passed!! I asked God for the minimum score, and he give me an extra 10 points. Alleluia! Math is so not my friend, so I was very happy that I passed.

My sister was always saying to me when you get that “thing” you will see how much better your life will get. Also, my brother-in-law, when he found out I didn’t have my GED diploma, was like “oh you definitely need that.” I used to be so stressed out every time I thought about the GED test. My 16 year old nephew was even helping me with additional algebra since he tutors 5th graders. I even have a former co-worker who had so much confidence in me and was tutoring me. He told me that, “you’re going to pass,” and he was the first person I called when I got the results back.

I got very nervous during the social studies, because those passages were soooo long. When the instructor said we had 5 minutes left, I still had 10 more questions to go! So I started guessing, and said to myself, “I already passed this so I am not worried if I fail social studies.” Science wasn’t that bad, but science and math are related, and I did my best. I was very confident with the writing and reading, and believe you me, I even felt confident after I was finally done with the math. I said to myself, “I know for sure I won’t be getting a low score this time.” There were quite a few percentages, and I was very confident doing those because Leonard was very good teaching these in class. I really didn’t have to take the entire exam over, but I did because I knew I could have scored higher, and that’s exactly what I did.

I am going to go and get my para-legal “ABA Certification,” and not this piece of junk they fooled me into getting that is not recognize by the ABA much-less companies who are hiring for paralegals. When you don’t have a high school diploma/GED, you can spend your hard earned money foolishly trying to get something the “easy way,” thinking it will get you a well paying job, only to be disappointed that it’s not even recognized. Then you end up feeling really mad at yourself for trying to take short-cuts.

All I can say is that I am VERY VERY happy and WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE!!! I didn’t think I would pass. You have no idea the FEAR math had me under. I use to cry every time someone mentioned math. Especially integers… Oh my gosh!!! Now I love doing integers, thanks to Leonard. I recommend the GED Academy to anyone who is going to get their GED, and with the GED changing next January, I am confident they will add more to have it ready! GED ACADEMY ROCKS!!! I salute you all!!!


Vanessa from New York, GED Student


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