I Want to Pass the GED Math Test

What motivated me to get my GED certificate was me wanting to continue my education and become more of what I am today. I never actually dropped out of school or stopped going for a certain amount of time. I just always missed a lot of days throughout my first three years of high school. After so many different schools, I just decided to go ahead and take the GED.

The number one person who has always encouraged me—even before deciding to take my GED—is my grandmother. She has always told me to never give up. I also have a wonderful, loving boyfriend who supports me, as well as friends and certain family members.

I’ve always been an impatient, procrastinating person. I never really believed in myself. It has taken a lot to actually start believing and having faith in myself—as well as in God—to know that I CAN do it. Prior to first taking the test, I had only studied for the social studies and science part alone. Then once I took it, I passed four out of the five parts given: which were social studies, science, reading and writing. I didn’t pass the math part. It was hard to accept that I would have to study in order to pass it. The second time I took it, I attempted to study, but I procrastinated. Once I took it, I received the same score as the first time. After that, I finally decided that I’d really have to buckle down and study if I was going to pass. So now I’ve been studying for about a month and a half. Every practice test I take, I get a passing score.

I hope and pray that I pass the math section (from all the studying and practicing I’ve been doing). I want to believe that I can do anything, even the the things that may seem impossible. After I pass the last part of my GED test, I plan to attend college right away to become a Registered Nurse. I cant wait to accomplish my goal! I know that once I do, I will no longer doubt myself. I’ll be so happy to just know that I DID IT!


Danielle from Michigan, GED Student


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