Worried About the GED Math Test

When I was a senior in high school, I started getting bullied at school. I had only been there for maybe a month and a half when I just started skipping days. I hated school, and I was doing horrible in my classes. I have always been bad at math (all A’s in other classes and then D’s or F’s in math), and I had a 36% in my senior math class...an F! I tried to seek help, but nothing could bring my grade up. I decided one day that I could not do it anymore. I have been doing some GED prep online to get ready for the GED test, but I’m still clueless with the math part. I’m terrified that I will never get my GED because of the math. I just really need to get my GED so I can go to college and get a good job.


Rachel from North Carolina, GED Student


Abuse and Bullying | Math Anxiety