Don't Ever Say You Can't Do It

What motivated you to get your GED? Well, I would have to say the world today made me realize because these days with out a high school diploma or a GED. you won't get very far in life.

How have your friends and family helped you? I was not raised up with my mother or father but I had my cousin and my big sister that kept me going, telling me I needed to get my GED. So I’m taking what they told me and using it. I want to pass the GED test.

What problems have you faced? Well, all my life my mother has been addicted to drugs, which means I had to stay elsewhere, and I really wanted to live with her so that affected me real bad. But then I learned you can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped, so I just pray that one day she will stop.

What do you hope to achieve with your GED? With my GED. I hope for a better paying job and to pursue my dream of having my own hair salon.

I’m a mother of three and I’m only 19, so I just knew I was going to have to step up and do what I had to for my kids. I just want to say don’t ever say you can’t do it cause you can, and if you ever feel like you can’t just pray about it, it will come together for you. It will.


Brittany from Texas, GED Student


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