I Need My GED to Start My Business

I lost my job ten months ago. Now I’m trying to get my own business by putting a daycare in my home. That is why I need my GED diploma. I never had the opportunity to go to school. When I was a kid, my childhood was working at the fields with my dad. My three sons have good jobs and earn a lot money. I thought that if they could get their high school diploma, I could too. Why not?

The problems I have faced is that it’s hard to work and attend school at the same time. It is impossible to learn anything when a person is tired. I mostly need help algebra now. I don’t get it!

I hope to be able to handle my own business in my own home. I want to run a daycare. I like to work with kids. I would like to share my knowledge with those who need to know how to write and read in Spanish.

In my spare time, I like to make music, and I often speak in rhyme.


Pedro from Illinois, GED Student


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