Facing Obstacles

What motivated me to get my GED was my son and my daughter. I got pregnant at 14 with my son. Now I’m 17 and pregnant with my daughter. I tried to stay in school, but because my son needed medical attention, I was barley able to keep up in school. Once I got pregnant with my second child, I realized I needed to do something now. That’s when I decided to get my GED.

I don’t have many friends or family, but the people who are involved with my son have cheered me on along the way.

I was working and taking GED prep classes. Once my pregnancy became high risk, I had to leave work. I then lost my ability to keep my child in daycare which was what allowed me to take the prep classes. I was forced to immediately take my last three tests. I passed two, but still have to retest one.

My hopes are to show my kids, and everyone else, that you can still make your dreams happen even when facing many obstacles. My dream is to go to John Hopkins University after completing two years at a community college.


Mercedez from Pennsylvania, GED Student


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