Because I Care

Well, I must start off saying that I dropped out of school in my 12th grade year due to the life style I was living. My old man’s wife was on drugs keeping my life messed up. And no one in my family helped me escape the painful life I was living, so now I am trying to do something for me because I have a son and I need him to see that his dad made it through even things some others would’ve gave up. I need to get my GED so I can provide for my family because I care.

Reason for Leaving School: Last year would’ve been great. Due to the life of my sick family, a young man’s life was destroyed. I have kept faith in God, now I am bouncing back.

Reason to Get a GED: So my son can always know the meaning of achieving yourself.

One Thing I Need for My Dreams: Live a Christian life, and have a wonderful life.

I will with the right help get this behind me, Thanks. God Bless.


Paul from Texas, GED Student


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