I Started My Own Business

I am 22 years old, the third of eight kids, and I grew up on my Dads farm in Ohio. The four of us older kids were nicely spaced out: 3–4 years apart. I was three when my mom started to homeschool. It was not easy for her, she was the youngest of 3, and my dad was the middle of 3 kids. I loved the outdoors, and every chance I got I was out helping my dad on the farm. I was small for my age and always looking for ways to grow up faster. School came easy for me, but I never felt a real need for it as i always had so much to do. I mean why would I want to sit in my mom’s classroom, crunching numbers, when I could be out getting big like dad? By the age of 12, I was working a full–time job as well as working 40–50 hours on my dad’s farm.

Now you may say this is crazy! Who in their right mind would let a kid work that many hours? Well, before you start jumping to conclusions, let me explain. My Dad is a very successful farmer. Looking back, he never overworked any of us kids. In fact, he tried to make me stay in the house with mom and do my schoolwork. My dad is very laid back, and has a heart of gold. He would do anything for his family. It was I that wanted to work! I was the one who went out looking for a job and took it.

You see, I was trying to get big fast! At age 17, I took a summer job in WA state working for a custom harvesting Co. I worked there for three summers in a row and ended up moving to WA. I’ve lived there since. I left the harvest crew Jan 1st this past year to go to school and ended up starting my own business (Clean Cuts Inc.) instead. It has been a very good experience for me. After 8 months of owning my own business, I now know without a shadow of a doubt that I need a higher education than 6th grade.

I am a very smart young man with lots of ambition. Everywhere I turn my head, I have a job offer (far more than most of my college friends, who have there master’s). Only I want to be able to get away from farm life! I have lived on my own now for three years in WA. I feel like it’s my home. My family, on the other hand, live in Ohio, so there is a very big pull back East! I don’t have a GED certificate. I only went trough the sixth grade, and feel very polled as to where to even begin. What’s the right school? What’s the best way to start at 22? How can I get my GED? have always worked hard, saved my money, and gotten where I wanted to get without any school. I invested all my money in my business, and am unable to get it back out. So am at ground zero? I have no support from my family whatsoever in my endeavor to go to college. They say that I am way too smart to go to school: it’s a waste of time and money. I need a job. The job I want is in the flight field. Any suggestions? Looking for answers from the wise that’s gone before!


Nathan from Washington, GED Student


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