We Are Doing This Together

I dropped out of school in 1997. I was a sophomore,  but I was very depressed and did not want to stay in school. I was an illegal immigrant and I had just attended my sister's graduation. She graduated with honors and even got a full paid scholarship but she was not able to claim it due to our status in the country. I was sad because I knew how hard she had studied. I felt I was going nowhere. I gave up and decided to just get my GED so my parents could be happy and proud that I at least got something for myself. I wanted to make my parents proud. I am now 37 years old, I have 3 kids. I got married when I was 18 and never went back to school. My oldest son will be graduating in May from high school. He has been in and out of the ICU due to a heart condition. He decided he wanted to become a nurse .... and so did I. We are doing this together.


Karina from Florida