I Won't Let My Learning Disability Stop Me

The main thing that motivated me to get my GED certificate is thinking to myself, “Don’t give up. Keep on going.”

My family knows I am determined. They are the ones who inspire me to keep going, especially my parents, sister-in-law, Grandma Freeman, and my 2nd mom, Mom Tee, RIP. The one who inspires me the most is Jesus.

My mental health is my greatest obstacle, but it’s not going to stop me from getting my GED. I use to have a job at Farmers Market until got laid off. I’ve had a low income since then. I even went to community schools to prepare for the GED test, but due my health and other reasons, it’s very difficult. Some teachers don’t teach that well, and even when I have the correct answer I have to start all over. I used to do online classes, but it got worse with such strict rules. I thanked God the minute I found out about GED Academy. It has everything I need. THANK YOU! GED Academy bases lessons on your schedule. It’s flexible, and lots more.

I want to go back to college for a BA in Dance/Theater and minor in Social Services. I’m also going to a Christian college to learn about ministry. Eventually, I have dreams of being a wife and mother. Then I can tell my children to never give up. Even if there are road blocks, just keep on going. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

I did graduate from high school 10 years ago, but with a high school “Special Degree,” since I took special education classes along with the regular ones. I also graduated with high honors thanks to the Urban League. I went to College for Business/Office Major with a Vocational Degree, but due my HS “Special Degree” I didn’t get to advance to other degrees.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I already completed these goals, but another goal is get my GED diploma. Yes, I’ve have lots of tests and trials in my life, but I keep my hopes and dreams alive! No matter what you go through, even big life changes, don’t give up. I’ve had bipolar disorder, but I still keep going. I don’t give up. And I thank Jesus for the opportunities He’s given me, and for never giving up on me.


Zioniah from Florida, GED Student


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