I Will Succeed

I got into a lot of trouble at school, and I finally hit rock bottom and got expelled from high school. I was taking sophomore classes, but I was in the computer system as a repeating freshmen, so if I go back to school next year after my expulsion is done, I will be a freshman again. But if I had just stayed out of trouble and did the right thing, I’d be done with my extra classes and would be a senior next year and graduating with a high school diploma. But I screwed up too many times, so now I have decided to get my GED certificate when I turn 17, and go to college with my class.

I plan on achieving my goal of becoming a neonatal nurse after two years of a nursing program, then four years of nursing school at the medical university of South Carolina (MUSC); many people believe it’s just a hospital, when in all reality it is a college. I have made many mistakes in life and I may not make as much money as I would have if I just behaved and acted my age instead of attention seeking and trying to fit in, which is exactly what I was doing. Anyway, it's not about the money; its about accomplishing my goals and getting my dream career. Money would be nice, but it doesn’t bring happiness like proving to myself that I CAN DO IT, and so can you.

My soon to be 14 year old baby sister was adopted by an amazing and loving family, and she is home-schooled. Her older sister offered to train me for my GED test, and I was so excited! I moved to my sister’s house to get my high school equivalency and my two year nursing program out of the way. My family has had a rough life: my sister and I were in and out of foster homes, and I was always getting in to trouble with sex, drugs, parties, and all sorts of craziness. I lost my baby girl at 5 months and that is one of my many blessings in disguise; I just wasn’t ready, but that knocked some reality into me along with some long, hard, emotional talks with my family and friends. I realized that I was getting too old for my immaturity, and that I needed to be able to provide for my children that I dream of having with an amazing man who treats me right (unlike my exes did). One of the biggest things to motivate me is my baby sister who is a missionary, following the path that I just left, and I need to show her that it’s not the way to go, and that life is better with an education.

I have money problems: I can’t find a job; I need a car to drive to and from classes and work when I find some; my sister is following my bad examples; I have tons of drama in my family; I help take care of my older sister’s baby. I have recently been saved, and I plan on achieving my goals despite all my issues, because everyone has issues, and millions of people have gotten their GED and/or high school diploma. So can I, and all it takes is PRAYER, PRAYER, and more PRAYER.

I am waiting for an email about enrolling in a class, and while I wait I am taking as many free GED practice tests and classes as I can to prepare myself. The GED Academy is a great site, and it explains things before you take your practice test; it is a virtual classroom and I absolutely love it. I am very excited to start my actual GED online classes, but right now I am just 8 months too young (which is fine because it just gives me more time to STUDY STUDY STUDY). No matter what life throws at me I WILL succeed.


Tiffany from South Carolina, GED Student


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