I Am Truly Motivated

The past several years have gone by in a blur. It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in High School preparing for my next examination, when in reality it’s been nearly five years.

I had it all. I had the intelligence to make it pretty far, I had great teachers, and I had the right group of friends who didn’t hinder my learning experience. One thing I didn’t have though, was motivation and a will to succeed. My goal is to alter that mindset so that I can make a worthwhile living and one day provide for my family.

I woke up every morning with school being the furthest thing from my mind. Though I was in honors and AP classes, I took nothing away from the classroom because I would be thinking about what I’d do when school ended. Rather than coming home and doing my homework, I would sit my backpack down and immediately move onto something that I considered much more worthwhile: playing video games. It wouldn’t be until the next morning when I would see my backpack again.

As the consequences of my actions began to mount up, I folded. Instead of fixing what I had broken, I gave up completely, dropping out of school with the promise to my parents that I would get my GED online soon thereafter. Five years later, I’m finally getting around to doing what I promised.

I had an epiphany of sorts. Sitting around and doing nothing won’t help anyone, me least of all. I made it my mission to fix my life, and getting my GED certificate is the first big step to completing that mission. But I know that even if I pass my GED test, nothing much will come of it unless I decide to make it mean something. And that’s where my goal comes in, that’s where having the right mindset comes into play.

It’s a day to day struggle at times. Every now and then, my lack of motivation rears its ugly head, and I have to fight to remind myself of my goals.

As a way to remedy the problem, and work toward accomplishing my goal of a healthier state of mind and increased motivation toward my future, I’ve created a strict schedule for myself. I do house work, I exercise three times per day, I allow myself time to read my favorite books, and I study for my GED test. I follow that schedule to a T every single day, and it has led me finally taking my GED test, which I can confidently say that I will pass.

What my future holds for me is a higher education, a career that will provide a steady income, and a healthier relationship with my friends and family. And all of that will come as I continue to stay on the path to completing my goal, and maintaining my improved mindset.

For the first time in my life, I am truly motivated to make a future for myself. I’m truly motivated to right all of the wrongs I’ve made. And I’m truly motivated to stay motivated. And if I can do that, then there is no limit to what I can do with my life.


Cody, GED Student