Proud of Myself

As I grew up, I felt ashamed when I saw the rest of my family with a high school diploma. But I took the GED test 3 times. The first time I was so excited, but I failed. Not only did I fail the test, but I felt like I failed myself. After 15 years, I decided I was ready to take another chance. I did and I failed again. I know math hates me and I hate math, but it was on my bucket list.

On the next try I went in the room with a more positive outlook. I just needed to pass math. I looked at the questions and it looked as if it was another language, but I tried my hardest. After 2 hours, I found out I passed the GED math test. What a feeling! I never gave up. I was tired of being asked if I had a high school diploma, but now I do!.

My husband and daughter never let me give up. I am proud of myself. Now I don’t have to lie about my diploma. I did it. Being I’m 55 years old, I hope I can be an inspiration for other people my age.


GED Student


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