GED Academy Made a Difference

My boyfriend motivated me to get my GED diploma. We knew that we wanted to be together forever, which includes me immigrating, and not having my high school equivalency certificate would definitely cause an obstruction in terms of not finding a job, which would make things difficult for us both.

He helped me with the research, and once I read all about what GED was about and having read the success stories, it really helped motivate me, and I believed that I too can definitely do this! It seemed like a dream in my mind and a part of me sometimes thought that I just may not be able to do this! My 8 year old daughter also motivated me. I wanted her to see her mother study hard, and be successful which will in turn show her the importance of education.

I didn’t finish high school because there is no alternative opportunity in my country. I knew a lot about various subjects with the exception of Math. Studying for the GED test was about understanding and breaking things down from scratch, ensuring that each item is understood before moving on to the next level. For me, Math was by far most challenging, but I understood it.

Now that I have my GED certificate I plan to immigrate and apply for a job. Once I have settled in my new country, I plan to go to college. I plan on setting an example for my daughter so that she can also go to college. I’m really excited and looking forward to great opportunities. I can no longer be ashamed of not having my GED certificate, and I’m much more confident in myself. I feel on top of the world, and if I can do it then I believe anyone can do it! Don’t be afraid to get started today! You can do it! The time is NOW!

Thanks to GED Academy for making a difference in my life. I’ve never been happier.


Patrina, GED Academy graduate


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