Passed the HiSET with Essential Education

When I turned 18, that’s when I think I knew I wanted to pass the HiSET exam. I didn’t have a job or want one, I knew I needed to go to college to better my education and help secure my future, and seeing as I didn’t graduate from high school I needed the HiSET to progress in life.

My mother cheered me on and paid for the HiSET test, and everyone from my boyfriend to my aunt offered to help me study. My boyfriend was especially helpful. He supported me on focusing on my studying for the HiSET and not getting some dead-end job as a waitress or factory worker or something, and because he was so supportive it made me more committed.

I’m a big procrastinator, I have A.D.D. and I’ve been out of traditional school for 6 years, and after so long a period it was definitely a challenge to buckle down. But by regulating a studying schedule and with people checking up on my studying, it helped me get through it.

I had studied off and on with HiSET Academy for a few months, until I thought I was ready. Then I went and booked the test. I tried my best to study during the busy months, and when the time came I definitely felt more confident with having studied your program under my belt. I was amazed too, that 2 of your practice questions, including the one with the excerpt from Death of A Salesman where Willy’s son steals the ball was ON the test I took, with very similar questions based on the passage. I almost laughed out loud. The way you teach certain skills helped me to break down problems and figure things out.

I’m happy to report I passed the test and being rated as efficient in higher education or in the workplace as the top 15% of high school graduates. I don’t think I would’ve gotten nearly as high a score or would have been ready as soon without your program being so enjoyable, interactive, and helpful. I love Dwayne’s rambling on about pizzas and pods, and the realism and personality you put into the characters. There’s also a more one-on-one approach than reading out of a book or watching a video, and I think the fact that it has audio and visuals not only makes it more interesting, but nice for those who learn through hearing something or need to have it explained by a person, not just paper. Thanks a lot guys!!! I’d recommend you as the #1 Study Program any day!


Serenity from Massachusetts, HiSET Academy graduate


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