I Passed... and in Half the Time

I quit high school because I couldn’t handle the students or the overall feeling of the school. My plan had been to go to college soon after school, so I needed to get a GED and go on with my life. My mother was always pushing me to get one because she said, “Everyone in our family has quit. You were the first to go past 9th grade, and you will be the first in college.” My problems were my spelling and writing. They had always been terrible. I solved that issue by working for months on each, and I got to a point were I wasn’t good, but I was what I would say is normal. With a GED, I hoped to gain the ability to go to college and to get the respect from both my family and friends, as well as prove to myself that I could.

I passed the pretest with flying colors and in half the time. They said I was ready for the real thing. When I took the test I felt and did great. I knew a lot of it. Well, I thought I knew a lot of it, but when the test came back I had failed worse then I thought was possible. A month later it turns out that it wasn’t right, and they had messed up. They fixed it but my scores were still low. My mother was upset and wanted to know why this was, so she called the pretest teacher and the woman lied to her. She blatantly sat there and told her that she passed me purely because I said that I had mental disabilities and would have the test tailored to me. I am going to take it again, but this time in a different place, and hopefully this time they will do better at their jobs.


Woodrow from North Carolina, GED student


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