The Best Decision I Ever Made

I was motivated to get my GED because I knew it would open certain doors for me. I was able to drop out of high school without worrying that it was going to become a terrible mistake. I realized that getting a GED also meant that I would be able to graduate from high school much quicker, since I dropped out a few months before the end of my junior year and got my GED a few months later, saving me a whole year from having to attend high school for senior year. I also was motivated to get my GED because it gave me a chance to start college a year earlier.

My friend motivated me to get my GED, because I saw she was able to leave high school much sooner than her peers and go right to college, and it made me want to do the same thing.

I had some problems at home, and had trouble sleeping, which caused me to have insomnia, so waking up very early in the morning to go to school was a problem for me. Taking the GED gave me a chance to finish high school without having my sleeping issues standing in the way of my high school education.

Towards the end of my junior year, I was not going to school every day because I was having sleeping issues and other problems at home, and could not wake up early enough to get to school on time. Classes started at 7:20 A.M., which meant that I had to wake up 5:20, as it took me about an hour to get ready, and another hour to commute to school. It was too early for me. I decided getting my GED was the best option, after seeing my friend had no trouble earning her GED and going to college. I was always too stressed out and tired to attend school, especially having to leave home early every morning to get there on time.

The GED helped me get my life back together, and my stress and sleeping problems eventually stopped. I was able to move on and go to a good college that I was happy with. Leaving high school early and earning my GED is one of the best decisions I ever made, and I never regretted that decision. I hope to finish college finally and find a good job.


Regina, GED Student


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