A GED Will Open More Doors

What motivated you to get your GED? Well, I have been to six high schools in the past two years, and I’m really behind on my credits. I feel really overwhelmed with the thought of not making something out of myself in my later years. I really think getting a GED will open a lot more doors for me to support myself.

How have your friends and family helped you? My family isn’t very put together, so I can’t say they’ve done much to help. However, that’s just another reason to do something for myself so that one day, I can support my own family and make the best of what I’ve got.

What problems have you faced? Problems I’ve faced have been things like my parents financially struggling, getting evicted, and their divorce. I want so badly to not struggle the way my parents do. I know everyone has hardships, but I want to know that I did something to make my troubles a little less harsh. I think by getting my GED, I have a better shot at achieving that goal.

What do you hope to gain from getting your GED? In the future, I really want to travel and see parts of the world I’ve never seen before. Before I settle down and make a family, I want to have as many different expierences as I possibly can, because I really want to see everything for what it really is and not just because that’s what I heard about it. I want to be able to tell my own stories about what I’ve lived through. Then when I decide that I want a family, I want to live on a farm with lots of open land. I almost want two different parts to my life—one part being the more social side of me: going out in the cities and being able to buy what I want without worrying too much about affording bills—another side being the side I can let go: own a few horses, go camping, fishing, swimming, quading, and biking. I love animals, so maybe I’ll open a pet shop. However, my overall dream is to be happy with my life. I want to feel the satisfaction that I have made my life everything I want it to be.

Do you have more to your story? I have really big dreams that seem so far away. I just hope I get my GED so I can reel in those dreams and make them my reality. I have strong thoughts that getting my GED will open doors for me, allowing myself to make it happen.


Kaylee from Washington, GED Student


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