I Want to Move On!

I have struggled in school since the middle of 7th grade when I moved. My grades all dropped and eventually I stopped going to school. So my mom enrolled me in a K12 virtual academy. That didn’t last long because I couldn’t stay focused on doing the work. Now I’m a junior in highschool and I know the material. But they told told me even with summer school I’ll have to repeat my senior year. I don’t really get along with my principal. I get sick a lot and the school gets mad, since I can’t always get into the doctors to get a note. I really just want to be done with high school so I can move on with my life, go to college, and open up my own coffee shop.

My mom fully supports me on my decision. But she’s a busy woman and doesn’t have time to figure out how to get me enrolled in GED classes. Though we both know I can’t take it till I’m 17. Which I’ll be turning in 4 months. We need to know how to withdrawal from my current school to enroll in GED classes. Once we withdrawal, we need to figure out how to take the GED test.

My Dream is to finally move on and go to college. Hopefully by the time I’m 25 I’ll have my very own coffee shop.


GED Student


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