Greatness, Here I Come!

I’m tired of feeling embarrassed and shameful around my peers with not having my GED diploma. It was so heavy and burdensome. I want my children to be proud of me for accomplishing my GED test goals and telling them yes they can achieve their goals. Education is so important for them to reach their dreams. Most importantly, I wanted to break the spiritual bondage over my life, and the feeling as if I was not worthy or capable of having more than a ninth grade education. I felt as though I was a failure, and it was killing my spirit. But in turn it got so intense that it motivated me to do something, so that I to could accomplish my life’s dream and purpose.

When I told my eldest child, who was enrolled in college, and my husband that I got my GED certificate, it was the best thing I could have ever done. They encouraged me through prayer while giving me motivating words to fight and practice as often as I could and reminding me how strong I was and that my Faith would carry me.

My problem was finding the time to study, along with my own self motivation to just try. I prayed, and I took my time reminding myself that whether I passed or not, I would no longer live in fear of trying. What helped me most was my conversations with God, reading the word of God, which reminded me that I was more than a conqueror, and that I could do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

My hope is to continue my education and receive my bachelors or maybe doctorate degree. Maybe I’ll write a book, or a memoir about my life’s journey. Or I could start a non-profit transitional housing program that supports disadvantaged young women in achieving higher education to become greater assets to their communities, families and spiritual self worth. They could see themselves as successful and in a position to help others while finding their God given purpose.

The spirit of negativity and defeat came into my life at a young age, which I had no control over. I didn’t understand that life was more than what we see in the natural world, but more so a spiritual atmosphere that comes with understanding and guidance only through a relationship with Christ. He gave me the strength to fight back the negative thoughts that haunted me for years, feeling defeated and less than an achiever. I learned what ever may be a hindrance in life can be the very thing needed to encourage you to get closer and seek God for wisdom, direction, and strength to overcome. Believing by Faith that you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who provides all the strength we need to be great and achieve our hearts desires and God given purpose, which we all have. As of November 12, 2013 I passed my GED. Greatness, here I come. And who ever reads this, I encourage you to pray, let go of fear and let God show up and show out in your life. I am Michelle and By Faith I walk, Trusting in the Lord!


Michelle from Detroit, GED Student


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