Finally Made the Decision

I graduated from high school a few years ago with a certificate of completion due to my learning disability. I thought I had it made when I applied to a trade school and a community college. However, they both told me the exact same thing: in order for me to enroll, I had to get my GED certificate. I was very afraid that I could not pass the GED test, so I tried to always look for an easy way out. Once I got enrolled in a CNA nursing school, I asked my teacher if, once I completed the program, I could transfer my credits. I was told I couldn’t. A couple of days later, I finally made the decision to get my GED, so I can do more in life. I had to encourage myself to do so.

My mom had encouraged me to get my GED, because she wanted me to achieve my goals. She also told me about a website called March 2 Success, but at the time I didn’t take it seriously. I also have encouraged my two best friends to join me on this journey. They agreed to, since we both graduated from high school with a certificate of completion and both have learning disabilities. We plan on making a difference in our lives thanks to the GED Academy’s help.

I was enrolled in the adult education program for two months, taking GED classes. I was learning everything I needed to know about the GED test and math and on how to write an essay. However, once my teacher left for a full time job somewhere else, everything began to change with our new teacher. I was not learning like I should. She was not a good teacher, and I was not learning anything. I was only going two days out the week. I decided to drop the class and enroll into an online program. Now I study my GED online, so when I go to take my test I will know for certain that I will pass. The biggest problem I face is math and reading. My focus is low due to my learning disability and my ADHD. However, I plan on taking medication to help me concertrate more.

Once I finish my GED I plan on starting at a local community college to work my way up and study theater arts for acting. I want to be an actor once I complete college. That has been my dream from the start.


Demarco from Alabama, GED Student


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