I'm Tired of Bullying and Classroom Noise

I just have this feeling that getting my GED is the right path. My parents think it’s a bad idea, but I really don’t think high school is doing me any good, and I could be doing more beneficial things. I want to become a Wildlife Preserver, and also would like to go into the comic/manga business as an artist and develop video games.

I really don’t like the way school is going for me right now. I’m a very good learner, and like to learn things I’m interested in. I’d like to spend my time learning skills for future careers in mind, but at H.S., they make you learn things you don’t want to.

Trying to make someone do something they hate is not the way of teaching in my mind. My grades have always been wobbly, because I’ve always been busy working on stuff I am truly in love with. I just wish they wouldn’t force people to learn things they (students) find useless, ’cause we’ll just forget it.

Oh, and another problem is with the huge variety of students. People learn in different ways, like visually or physically, but with such big classes, individual students don’t get much say in the way they can truly learn. Also, there’re many “bad” students that disrupt the class many times, distracting others from learning. Bullying is another issue, and though I’m not that much of a victim, I hate it when people get dissed or picked on for entertainment (if it was to protect another from being bullied, that’s different).

SO yeah, I really don’t like school, to the point where I’d say I hate it. Getting a GED diploma seems like a good idea because I have already contacted several colleges, all saying they accept GED certificates. My next step is to find online GED classes, find a GED testing center, and hopefully pass the GED the first time!!


Chris, GED Student


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