Everything Began to Crumble

High school was a breeze for me until my mother got cancer. Everything began to crumble around me, and with the school being a very unsupportive environment, I began to develop a hate for it. I had been an honor roll student every quarter my freshmen and sophmore year until I couldn’t take all the negativity toward me, so decided to go to alternative school. When they told me I had to go back to the high school, I bit the bullet and gave it a try for a quarter my senior year.

That's when I answered the question for myself: "how do you dropout of high school?" I realized that I was falling back into the same rut as before. I dropped out and got a lot of nasty letters about truancy from the school when I was already 18 at the time. The school wasn’t too excited about losing a top student, so they threatened me at every angle possible.

My family has been really supportive along with my friends. The people I’ve met through getting my GED certificate have also been very supportive. Most of my problems have been personal ones. It’s amazing how small town schools will look past you as a person and label you just because you have problems attending. It really opened my eyes. I really hope to develop my own self esteem in the future. I plan to go to college after getting my GED diploma so that I can build a better future for myself.


Chris from Nebraska, GED Student


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