It's Possible to Come from Nothing

When I first started High School as a Freshman, I was very overwhelmed and excited. Then as I grew older, and went to different grade levels, each year I started to slack. I thought I had made the biggest mistake ever, by slacking my Junior year, and not having enough credits to be a Senior and graduate with my class. But now, I’m working on getting my GED, and graduating on time with my Senior Class (:

Reason for Leaving School: I left school my Junior year, and it was because I had to do what was best for me.

Reason to Get a GED: I wanted to get my GED, not only because I was the only sibling out of my family that wouldn’t graduate, but because I wanted to make my parents happy. I wanted to fix my mistake, as best as I could and to show them that I have the potential, the right state of mind, and that I am smart enough to do it. My hopes with this whole GED thing, is that I can pass all the GED tests that I missed by a few points, like the GED math test, and that I’ll be eligible to get through.

My goals are to get my GED and to go off to college and have a nice job and make good money. My dreams for the future are for me to make something of myself. I want to be able to say I graduated with a GED and I can still do as much as a normal High School graduate can. I want to show everybody else, that you don’t necessarily have to have a good job, a big house, a nice car, and to be living large, to make something of yourself. It’s possible to come from nothing and to be something, and I want to be one of those people!

One Thing I Need for My Dreams: Working hard, staying focused, and doing what’s right!


Watika from Virginia, GED Student


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