I'm a Future Girl

I started to GED test prep with a staff member named Husani, in classroom 2. He helped me go over the math problems, and we’re gonna go over some other subjects for the GED test like reading, social studies, and science.

When I graduated from Amac school with an IEP diploma in June 2012, I asked the MSC about online college courses, but in the New York State, when you finish school with and IEP diploma, you have to get a GED certificate before going to college. I told that to my mom, so I started to take online courses from the GED Academy today.

I face math problems like equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles,scalene triangles, acute triangles, obtuse triangles, right triangles, quadrilateral, a square, a rectangle, a parallelogram, a rhombus, and a trapezoid, I also am learning how to fix each sentence so that it would make sense.

My goal is to become a part time saleswoman at any retail sales store that’s close to my house, where I can travel on the transit bus, train, or walk. I’m volunteering at Walgreens to gain experience for a part time job. I had volunteered at Marshalls on 38th street, where I used to be. My mom and God, and everybody wishes me good luck on becoming a part-time store stocker, and a cashier in case there’s no one at the cash register.

I’m a future girl, getting trained for part time employment at any retail sales store that’s close to my house. The special job training program, Qsac, is helping me get prepared. The day habilitation services help me with pre-vocational and vocational training skills.


Brittany from New York, GED Student


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