My Ticket to My Future

Many jobs are now asking for proof of high school education, a GED, or a high school equivalency. I do not want to lie on the application and cost myself a job! Plus I have big plans of going to college! I think my life just changed! Everyone told me that I could do it and I was smart! I kept hearing, “You shouldn’t have dropped out of school in the first place!” And boy, do I regret it. I'm glad that I found the motivation to go back and get my GED at 30yrs old!

Now that I passed the GED test, I’m looking forward to college, more money and great experiences within the workforce! I’ll be able to say that I’m a High School Graduate and it feels so good! Do not give up! Whatever you do! Stay focused and get that “ticket” to your future!


Imawesome from South Carolina, GED Student


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