I Want to be Respected

I finally realized I need to do something with my life. I want to be a doctor and go places. I can’t do that without my High School Diploma or GED certificate. Going back to High School would take too long, so I am dedicated to getting my GED diploma and getting into school to be what I want to be in life. To be a doctor would mean everything to me; I want to help people and do good for society.

My aunt is the one person who has inspired me, motivated me, and helped me to work towards my GED. She has been there pushing me to do better for myself. She is always coming up with new ways to study and new websites to go to. She is still helping me day to day to figure out everything I need to know and where I want to go. I would not be doing what I am doing if it was not for her.

I feel like I have been cheated for many, many years of my schooling. I feel as if I know nothing sometimes. I have been in programs that made no sense to me. Most of the programs I have taken are just a bunch of writing and that is not a good way for me to learn. I took the time to find a new website to do my GED prep. I came across GED Academy and it made a world difference to me. I no longer have to read a 100 pages a day. For me to learn quickly, I need to hear and see different things within the lessons, and that is exactly what this programs provides me with.

I hope that after getting my GED certificate, I will be looked up to. People will give me more respect. I will be able to finally show everyone what I am capable of. I have always dreamed of being a doctor. Getting my GED is one more step closer to becoming what I want to be. I want to go so far in life. So far getting my GED is the only thing stopping me for doing that just yet. I guarantee that I will make it far in life. I have that determination to do so.

If I can do this then anyone can do this. I know that I will make it far in life. This program has helped me in many ways that you can not possible understand until you do so yourself. I for one am thankful that I get to experience this myself, and that I actually found this website.


Kelsey from South Carolina, GED Student


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