Without My GED, I Am Stuck

I left school the beginning of my junior year. Struggled because I did not apply myself, and then I met John and that was my way out. Needless to say, way too young and very stupid. I know how to make it, but without the GED certificate I am stuck, and I know that getting my GED will be my answer.

I Bought the book and was going to study it by myself and got very put out because I felt it was all over my head especially the math part, so I gave up. I know I can do this with the guidance of the GED Academy. The characters are a really good way for me to learn, and I am optimistic. I tend to make it hard when it comes to tests because I freeze up. I pray this is my answer.

Reason for Leaving School: I dropped out the beginning of my junior year and was in love and got married, really stupid on my part. School was very hard for me because I did not apply myself.

Reason to Get a GED: Passing the GED test is very important to me because I have a good 10 years left, and I know standing behind the chair doing hair I am getting burnt out. I need more, and I really know there are more fields out there in cosmetology and teaching is one of my dreams.

One Thing I Need for My Dreams: Getting my GED is all that is holding me back, because 600 more hours could make a big difference in me and getting my license for this.

I am very committed to this, and I am willing to do whatever it takes. I have been a single-mom for 23 years and have had to work 10/12 hours a days to get my kids raised, now I would like to do something for me where I can have benefits and not be so stressed out over all this.


Janice from Texas, GED Student


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