Nowadays You Need an Education

After a successful career and still young enough to start another one I really needed to get my GED certificate in order to move forward. When I started working full time at the age of 15 a strong back and a willingness to work hard was all you needed. Nowadays you need an education more than anything else to succeed. At the bare minimum a GED diploma gets your foot in the door and allows you to go on to college.

At first, I didn’t want to tell anyone I was working in a GED program: I was embarrassed. After a while I realized I needed their encouragement and motivation and told my children. Guess what? they where proud of me and even offered to help me with the math section. Working on your GED is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people for many reasons didn’t complete high school. Whatever your reason now is a good time to get your GED. Tell your fiends and family, if they care about you they will be supportive and provide inspiration.

My biggest hurdle was just getting started, I figured I could never do the math section, therefore I was doomed to fail before even getting started. I saved the math for last so that I would have a better idea of how to perform during testing. I eventually found myself enjoying the math practice lessons once I began to figure things out. Don’t worry about getting perfect scores just have fun, it will all start to sink in over time.

My goal was to gain the satisfaction of knowing that I could obtain my GED certificate. I had been putting this off for the last 35 years. At 51 I feel like I have really accomplished something significant. Something that nobody can take away from me or minimize the importance of my accomplishment, I did this for me.

Don’t give up. Call the staff at the GED Academy or send them an email. Ask for their help and they will help get you through this. It’s not as hard as you think but it’s not simply going to be handed to you either. Study hard and you will achieve your goal. Very important: Read the sections on how to study, how to test and think smart and stay motivated. These sections I almost overlooked but found to be very helpful.


Mike, GED Student


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