My Dad's Advice

I had tried online school my sophmore year of high school. That did not work out very well as I did not get much help with the subjects I needed help with such as math. So, I ended up flunking even though I tried really hard to understand the stuff. My mom and I had a long talk over it and she thought it would be better to just get my GED instead of having to take a grade over again, thanks to them not helping.

My dad got his GED because he had to drop out to take care of his family. He told me that if he can do it, I can do it too.

Well, I’m going to possibly be taking GED prep classes in January. I am sort of debating though on taking the prep classes  or just studying GED online classes and then going to take the GED test next year. I have really bad social anxiety so I’m kind of scared to go.

After I pass my GED test, I want to go to beauty school.


Rachel from Oregon, GED Student


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