Making My Mom Proud

What motivated you to get your GED degree? My motivation came from within me, but mainly from looking at my two kids. I want a better life for them. A life full of success and no stress.

How have your friends and family helped you? Well, my mom passed when I was twelve, so my sisters, brothers, and most importantly my grandma have become my support system.

What problems have you faced? Lack of good jobs, or can't get a job at all. I can’t further my career or goals. Without a GED, I shorten my education level.

What do you hope to gain from getting your GED degree? Getting my GED certificate. I would gain back hope, a career, more education. I would be making my mom proud (rest in peace), my grandma, sisters, brothers, and most importantly myself!

Do you have more to your story? Most people without a diploma or GED give up. They feel like life is over, or they settle for less or only what they have already. Life can get better. They feel like a failure. I know I did, but I learned it’s never to late. You can make it through the hard times. I know I will and I can. Everybody always told me, “Girl you better get your diploma,” but never told me how to get my GED diploma. Now I finally figured it out. Thank You!


Juanita from New Jersey, GED Student


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