High School Wasn’t for Me

I had thought deeply about what I wanted to do with my life, and what it took to get there. When I found out all I needed was my GED, I quickly dropped out of my high school senior year, because I was eager to leave before then since I had gotten held back, and now I am ready to start a career where only my GED is needed.

Why You Left School: No one inspired me really, I made this decision on my own, but if I needed support, I’m sure my friends would be there for me.

Why Get your GED: I never really faced any problems in high school. In fact my grades were practically perfect, I had just thought about it and decided high school wasn’t for me and that I could be successful in other ways.

Dreams: I hope to apply for a job as a vet assistant or vet technician. All you need for those jobs is a GED, I love animals, and if I change my mind in the future, there are still many options out there for me.




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