High School Was Not for Me

High school was most definitely not for me! The stress of the social life was too much for me! That was most important to me during my Sophomore year. I lost track of what was really important, and I fell behind in school. So my mom pulled me out and now I’m about ready to take the GED test!

My friends and family had a really hard time at first accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to be in traditional school anymore. All of the siblings have walked, and have had amazing experiences with high school, but it just wasn’t for me like it was for them! They have been very supportive and helpful through all of my decisions though!

I have done a lot better understanding and learning through the online GED Academy program than I have ever learned in high school. I haven’t had any problems so far, besides the fact that I have a really hard time getting self motivated sometimes!

Well, I was accepted to Paul Mitchell recently so I start there in the fall. When I get my license there I would like to go to UNLV to get my business license, so that I can open up a salon of my own one day and do what I love every day.


GED Student


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