GED Dreams

What finally made me realize that I need to get my GED diploma is that I no longer want to be supported by others. That’s not helping me get a good education. Especially when the people who are close to you and brought you into this world are not supportive. I realize there’s a Man upstairs in heaven, and know that I’m a positive leader. I know I can make it with or without help.

I asked my family: How can I get my GED? Some of my family has been helpful, telling me which programs I should join. There’s also a few friends that support me and give me advice about my education goals. However, there is one person who stands out. My cousin is so close she’s practically my sister, and the best cousin I could have.

I think about the difficulties I had trying to stay in school, and I realize that it was mostly because of problems at home. That’s why I never finished.

When I get my GED I hope to go to college be a veterinarian’s assistant, artist, poet, or novelist. These are my dreams of life if I had my GED certificate. I want to be a novelist because I have a lot of good stories to tell from my life, about how women should treat themselves with respect, how men should be gentlemen, and how teenagers should listen and learn the difference between right and wrong. I want to be a veterinarian’s assistant because I love animals. And I want to be a poet because it makes people relax in minds, think within their hearts, and be outspoken.


Laporche from Texas, GED Student


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